Electric Bikes UK: Tonaro Bighit Electric Bicycle Review

Published: 18th July 2011
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The one who came up with the idea of motorising bicycle is to be commended. Dissimilar to motorcycles, a motorised bike has got an eco-friendly and almost silent motor. Several different options are available when riding electric bikes. UK owners are aware that this bike can be pedalled in the conventional manner (manually). In addition, there’s a pedal assist mode that engages when riding in hilly terrain. Lastly, when in full motorised form, this bicycle will go forward without pedalling. Here’s some information about an electric bicycle we like quite a bit: the Tonaro Bighit.

Electric Bikes UK: Major Aspect of the Tonaro Bighit

Since it is designed with components that you would find on higher priced bikes, this Tonaro Bighit is built to be exceedingly strong and very comfortable to ride on. Boasting a distinct, patented bracket mounted motor, the Tonaro bicycle is created by China National Aero-Technology Guangzhou Company Limited—a business started in 1979, and home-based in Guangzhou, China. The Tonaro bicycle’s total drive system is made into the pedal cranking system; so, there is no necessity for any wires to connect the back wheel or front wheel to a hub-based motor. The most advantageous part of this layout is that the climbing strength of the bike is improved although battery usage is decreased. The Bighit is priced at approximately £1200; it is a great value amidst the other brands of electric bikes. UK dealers will be pleased to display the major components of the Tonaro bike to everyone who wants to see them.

Electric Bikes UK: More About the Tonaro Bighit

Just the same as numerous electric bicycles, this Tonaro Bighit is designed with 3 modes of operation—these are full motorised without pedalling, motor assisted pedalling, as well as full manual pedalling. The bike has a twist type throttle, as well as a modifiable pedal assist. The bike’s patented crank system produces over two times the amount of torque of motors which are hob mounted. Torque is the amount of rotational force the motor generates. The frame of the bike is manufactured from light weight aluminium alloy which is exceedingly strong. The fork has a Zoom adjustable suspension for comfort. An important safety feature of any bike is the brakes, and the Tonaro Bighit features front and rear disc brakes. Its 8 speed gearing comes from Shimano.

Electric Bikes UK: Ending Comments about the Tonaro Bighit

There are numerous name brands of electric cycles. Buyers in the UK are fortunate to have access to diverse alternatives; amongst them is the feature filled Tonaro Bighit, which has sufficient range of 30 to 40 km on one charge. The battery is the life force of an electric bicycle; the Bighit has got a 36V 10Ah lithium battery which operates a heavy-duty 36V 10Ah 200W brushless motor. This cycle’s motor is constructed for low power usage, allowing it to have a better range. This Tonaro Bighit doesn’t have any of the traction deficit that is typical on electric cycles that have hub mounted motors; plus, it has a totally maintenance free drive system. Last of all, this particular bike meets the criteria of the "bike to work" scheme which is backed by the government, meaning that you can save practically half of the purchase price of the bike.

The Tonaro Bighit ranks highly on the list of electric bikes. UK customers should really make a note of this.

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